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Rejuvenessence Body Sculpting Studios and RBS 3D Effect are proud to offer our clientele the best in personal training technique. We have combined all the essential facets of muscle toning and bodysculpting techniques that both refines the body and reveals muscular definition. We focus on movements that are both natural and safe. Our methods are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, core stabilization and functional ability using both fun and motivational approaches.

We understand that each individual has different goals and needs, faces different challenges, enjoys varied lifestyles and performs at different fitness levels. Our in-depth consultation and fitness evaluation allows us the opportunity to get to know each client and see how we can best accommodate his or her concerns.

To aid in achieving results, we constantly monitor and implement changes thereby enabling you to advance progressively. Ultimately, our goal is to enrich, enliven and rejuvenate each of our clients individual performance in everyday life.